Parapoles – Parapoles sit on the pool deck extending into the water a few inches from the wall with the cameras mounted up to 30” underwater. These allow you to lower and move the underwater cameras from the deck.   $150.00 each.

Custom Flat Screen Bracket – Our custom bracket attaches your large flat screen television directly to any or our Custom Mobile Carts. It takes less than 10 minutes to attach your television, utilizing our quick release lock to secure your TV while allowing easy disconnect. Fits HDMI input Flat Screen Televisions up to 60” with 200mm, 400mm, or 600mm mounting hole patterns. Your TV acts as a duplicate screen on our SV4-CT(DVR System) and SVC-CT(Computer System), or as the delay default screen when used in conjunction with our SVC-Video Delay Option (see below).  $310.00 includes all hardware and bracket (Large Screen Television NOT included)

SVC 24” Additional Monitor with Mount – Our SVC Computer Systems come with a Mobile Workstation computer which includes its own screen, but an additional screen can be useful for on-deck viewing. If a large flat screen seems to cumbersome, try our 24” monitor which includes its own mounting pole with 2 vertical adjustments and locks into all of our Custom Mobile Carts. Acts as a duplicate screen for our SVC Computer Systems, or it can be used in conjunction with our SVC Video Delay Option (see below).
$445.00 includes monitor, all cables, mount, mount pole, lock pin.

SVC Video Delay Option – FOR SVC Computer Systems ONLY (SV4 DVR systems have built in delays). Connects your Mobile Workstation Computer to an HDD-DVR providing you the ability to show a delayed video. Factory set to a 30 second delay, you have the ability to set to your preference. This also provides a quick “on-deck” review, allowing coaches to rewind, slo-motion review, frame-by-frame review, all without disturbing the Live recording on the SVC server. After reviewing, two button pushes take you back to your preset delay. NOTE: This option requires additional screens, either your large flat screen TV with our Custom Flat Screen Bracket (see above) or the SVC 24” Additional Monitor (see above).
$518.00, includes DVR, cabling, all hardware.

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