We needed a system that is simple to set up, utilize and break down, as well as user friendly. We got that and so much more with StrokeView. StrokeView has built a system with athlete, coach and team in mind. I have been a part of programs that have utilized video feedback with athletes for over 20 years. This system is the best that I have used in terms of providing your swimmers with a quick, practical and useful tool that will provide significant stroke feedback.
    Bill Dorenkott
    Head Coach Women's Swimming
    The Ohio State University

In a post-suit era, we’re looking for new ways to instill confidence in our athletes. The SV4 system allows us to do just that. The ability for our athletes to immediately see the playback and view it at different speeds is a huge advantage of this system compared to others. Being able to move the cameras very easily to catch different angles allows us to be real specific with each swimmer in their technique enhancement. It has given us another outlet for our swimmers to stay on the cutting edge of swimming technique. The SV4 system has far exceeded any goals we had and is one of our athletes’ favorite toys to work with!
    TCU Coaching Staff
    Men's & Women's Swimming
    Texas Christian University

This product not only matches but exceeds our expectations and allows us to teach better than ever. The coaches feel like they can do so much more now by adding different filming angles. I think the athlete needs to see the whole picture, since other parts of the body or combinations of motions could be causing the problem or inhibiting the ability to make a needed change. I also like the frame-by-frame dial that you can use to move forward and back. It gives the athlete a sense of what is happening before and after the critical point that needs to be corrected. SV4 can be invaluable in any team environment. It’s awesome.
    Jimmy Tierney
    Head Coach Women's Swimming
    Northwestern University
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